Xedanis Sykonra

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The Basics

Vital statistics - what you need to know!

Full Name: Captain Xedanis Sykonra-Demarchis-St John

Titles: Captain of the Dawn Rose, Patriarch of the Sykonra Family, Portmaster of the Port Luna

Time in city: Approx. 8 years

Age: Approaching 280 years

Age when turned: Approx 222 years

Lineage (Head) : Sykonra (Patriarch), Demarchis (Melanctha) St John (Seyda)

Childer: Vetalla, Vikki, EvilStalker, Gypsy (and Thidus, currently in development)

Marital bonds: Dark_Violetta (2006-2008), Moon Girl (2009-Present)

Sire: Jada (2006-2010), Melanctha (2010-Present)

Role-Playing Powers / Talents

Absolute Shadow Mastery: Xedanis has spent a great deal of his existence studying the many applications of Shadows. Through curiosity, experimentation, and communing with the spirit residing within Silvernus, he has developed a massive plethora of abilities in which he manipulates the darkness of the night itself. Documented uses to date include Telekinesis, Teleportation, Shielding (both Physical and Mystical), Camouflage and even Clothing. His mastery of the Shadows stems from a deep-rooted, albeit well-controlled terror of losing all he loves - including himself - to their capricious claws.


Silver Tongue: Whether unbroken gibberish or dulcet tones, from the quietest mouthing to the loudest roar, Xedanis is gifted in the articulate arts in the same way that a Grand Master is gifted in Martial Arts. His mouth has talked him into and out of trouble more times than he can remember, and his talent for talking and persuasion has held the family together when others would fall apart at the seams. There is little Xedanis cannot match when it comes to conversation, and even less that he cannot escape.


Brewmaster: Xedanis has been a master rummaker for almost his entire life. His list of recipies, variations and concoctions is longer than the Bible. In addition to sheer quantity, his quality of product is second to none, from the mildest Spiced Carribean to the infamous and legendary potency of First Brew.


Empathy: Xedanis has limited capability to tune into the feelings of those he becomes close to. This also extends in some extent to Empathic wounding, and coupled with his abilities at speechcraft makes him a powerful confidant.


Diplomat: Xedanis usually acts as the Spine of his family, and it falls to him to diffuse tensions and drama, and calm enraged souls before they cause havoc.


Loyal unto Death: Xedanis is so fiercely protective of those close to him that he would sacrifice himself for their wellbeing. Some see this as a weakness to be exploited; they are often taught their folly through death.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list, and should not be treated as such.

Blood Lineage

 Xedanis has jokingly referred to himself as “The Man with the Triple-Barreled Surname.” This is in part due to his three-part familial lineage of blood; but he has acquired other titles over the years as well. His full, official name is Xedanis Sykonra-Demarchis-St.John. This is because he has an accepted place in each line.


Xedanis is the Patriarch of the Sykonra family. As a childe of Melanctha, he also is part of the Demarchis branch of the Monaghan family (although he only uses Demarchis as he has not been invited formally into the Monaghan lineage, and does not consider himself on good terms with his grandsire, Nara LadyFae).


Most recently, Xedanis was given permission by none other than Seyda herself to carry the name St John. He already had claim to the lineage by dint of his bond to Moon Girl, herself a childe of Nitenurse, but refrained from exercising that claim as he didn’t feel he had earned it.

Other names he has acquired over the years include “Sparkle”, a nickname given to him by Lass at their first meeting, which he has since disowned; “Pa” by Jessi, symbolizing the grandfather-type relationship he has with her; “Daddy” by Vikki; “Squishy” by Vex; and most recently “Sinner” by Ace Dumont. Xedanis also disowned the name "Sinner", but maintains a long-standing friendship with CT Serafini, the bloodline patriarch of the Dumonts.

Notable Dates (In-Game only)

  • Turned by Jada - Circa October 2006
  • Bound to Dark_Violetta - Circa November 2006
  • Severed Dark_Violetta - Sept 10, 2008
  • Bound to Moon Girl - Dec 13, 2009
  • Severed Jada - Sept 10, 2010
  • Bound to Melanctha - Nov 9, 2010
  • Sired Vikki - Sept 11, 2011
  • Sired Vetalla - Nov 11, 2011
  • Sired EvilStalker - Jan 16, 2014
  • Sired Gypsy - Sept 20, 2014