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Xedanis Sykonra, http://xedanis.webs.com (“the live website”) and all related stories, background, inventory items, titles etc created and written by Adam R Watson (the Author). In any event these materials remain the property of the Author and may not be used, reproduced, broadcast, published, edited or otherwise interfered with or used in any way, whole or in part, without express written permission from the Author.


Imagery used within may come from various outside sources. At all times utmost care has been taken in seeking permission to use these images from the copyright owners and in no case is any image used for monetary gain or to contribute to monetary gain. If any copyright has been infringed, such instances have occurred unintentionally; please contact [email protected] to have these images removed if desired.


Information held within and on the live website is at all times considered a work-in-progress and therefore subject to change by the Author at any time with absolutely no notice. The Author reserves the right to remove any content that is deemed inappropriate or null and void at any time.


This material and all material on the live website is considered “Out-Of-Character” for in-game purposes; reading this information and / or visiting the website does not imply or grant any ability for any Character to have knowledge of the information within. This restriction also applies to any attempts to quote information contained within the live website in any manner or on any medium, including but not limited to forums, in-game “newspapers”, instant messengers, email, printed copies, etc.


 However, the Author reserves the right to allow certain pieces of information to be used as a guide for framing In-Character knowledge when and if permission is asked. Copying, archiving, redistributing, plagarising, broadcasting, publishing or any and all other uses of any and all information within this website without the Author’s permission is strictly prohibited.  


Only individuals who have been issued a unique Reference ID will be granted permission to use portions or the entirety of the information in this website for in-character knowledge (note: this does NOT grant permission for any usage prohibited above!) if you lose your ID, it cannot be reissued. I reserve the right to ask you for your Ref ID at any time. If you cannot provide it, your permission will be revoked (or denied depending on circumstance) and action taken to advise the rest of the game community of your crossing habits if necessary.

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Several major updates to the Circle section, including 5 new entries across all three sections. 

 A page dedicated to Port Luna, including all of Xed's brews - Don't expect this one soon.

Updated History section with new addition for the events of Silvernus: Fall Of Atlantis, and to make Xed's history match real-world timeline for when he was born (1700s)

Complete redesign of the entire website; Webs is starting to piss me off.