Xedanis Sykonra

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The short synopses below are of those especially close to Xedanis. Images used have not been altered in any form except to resize. As names of all models are unknown, credits may be incomplete. If you are / know them, please contact me so proper credit can be given.

Of the Present...



No one is closer to Xedanis's heart than his wife and friend of almost 300 years. Moon Girl's real name is a very closely guarded secret, one that only three people in the world are privy to, Xedanis and Moon Girl herself being two of them. She has accompanied him on all of his most dangerous and exciting voyages and acted as both his rock and conscience.

When Moon Girl's body was possessed by the Blood Deity Silvas, Xedanis risked everything to return to Atlantis and banish the spirit from her form, even though it almost destroyed him both in body and soul. However, Xedanis considers her to be his lynchpin in life and should he need to put his own existence at risk to save her, he will do so gladly.

MODEL: LaRa Zorn

SHINING1 (Shiney Little Wench)


Though he doesn't see her as often as he would like, Xedanis considers this spunky, yet incredibly deep soul to be one of his greatest advisors and the first being he ever considered a Sister. The strength of their friendship requires little in the way of words. Shining has guided Xedanis through some very deep lows and helped him explore sides of himself he has shunned for a long time. She is more responsible than anyone for the development of his morals and ethics. She shares the same closeness with Moon Girl, and the fact that Xedanis is willing to "share" his wife with her is proof of the level of trust between them.

 MODEL: Andariel




Xedanis's sire - although not the one who turned him - and the most significant educational influence on him since the day he became an immortal. Melanctha first met Xedanis on his arrival within the Republic of Ravenblack, and she quickly took him under her wing, teaching him how to use powers he had oft neglected, such as tracking and orienteering. A native of olden Greece, Melanctha's wisdom has always been exactly what Xedanis has needed, although sometimes not what he wants to hear. His respect and love for her stems from her guidance and support of him when things turned sour with his original Sire, Jada. ugh they didn't decide to bind until well after she and Xed had severed their link.Altho

MODEL: Cristina Scabbia

JESSI (Genius)


Originally, Jessi was a childe of Vetalla, and it was as Vetalla's childe that she first encountered Xedanis, shortly after he sired Vetalla. Immediately there was chemistry between the two and they fell into a deep and easy relationship of grandsire and grandchilde. Jessi took to calling Xed as much with the nickname "Pa", and he came to know her by the moniker "Genius". 

Since that time their relationship has grown and been through storms of its own, with Jessi discovering talents she never knew she had (particularly in regards to the tide). After Vetalla's unexpected disappearance in April 2015, Xed immediately took Jessi as his own, and began the difficult journey of understanding and reconciling the loss.

MODEL: Jennifer Lopez

VIKKI (Pixie)


Or "Pixie" as Xed lovingly calls her. Vikki is  the "youngest" vampire in the Sykonra family - or perhaps the most naive about herself - but Xed's devotion to her is as strong as any of his other childer or relatives. Her constant upbeat attitude and even her inexperience with her powers (not to mention Unlife itself) are sources of continuous fulfillment and contentment for Xed. He loves to teach her about her growing array of gifts, and none of her sisters enjoy as "human" a paternal bond with him. She is the tonic for any drama and a giggling light at the heart of his darkest nights.


REYNA (Zombie)

Recently returned to the land of the undead after being dead and buried for considerable time, Reyna is the childe of Vex, who in April 2015 bound (platonically) to Xedanis's sire Melanctha. Though Xed joked about Vex being his "Dad" as a result, he rather sincerely adopted the view of Reyna as a sister, right from the get-go. The fact that she has a checkered, less-than-popular past is a direct reason for this, as Xedanis considers himself the parent of a House of Misfits, which Reyna fits into perfectly. It's a rare night for them not to take a jibe at each other, and their relationship is quickly developing into one of easy sibling cameraderie and of course, rum (and zombie jokes.) 

MODEL: Helena Rey

Of the Past...

VETALLA (Pyrowench)


Since severing from her previous sire Lass, Vetalla became synonymous with the pyromania that she embraced; her friends, colleagues and acquaintances saw the fire and Molotov Cocktails first, and the emotionless women lobbing them second. Xedanis however saw beyond, and penetrated the thick shell Vetalla maintained to connect with the woman beneath. She was not actually his first childe (that was Vikki) but he has always considered her to be, largely due to the strength and effort of their bond. Vetalla struggled with herself and ultimately severed Xedanis and her childe, Jessi, with no explanation in April 2015. Since then, Xedanis has constantly sought to bring her back from the brink... to bring her home. 

MODEL: Gemma Arterton



Of all his family and friends, Evie reminded Xedanis most of the Sea he so loves. At times she was harsh and stormy, and others gentle and tender. She came to Xedanis after initially choosing Malkavian, and prior to that, suffering under the possessive heel of Lameth for years. Xedanis promised her he would never become the absentee or neglectful sire that they had been to her, though he struggled sometimes to keep that promise for whatever reason. Xed ended up releasing Evie after it seemed that there was no way to reconcile their differences. It is a wound he still carries.

Model: Alessandra Ambrosio



Gypsy joined the family in September 2014 amid mixed reactions and emotions. Xedanis had long considered her a friend and it was her own crisis that eventually led to her joining the family. Her erstwhile sire, Brom Narum, was faced with death threats from the D'Dary if he did not sever her. Brom dropped Gypsy in fear for his life. After a long, deep discussion, Gypsy asked Xedanis to take her as his childe and he gladly accepted. She taught him much about himself that he did not know. Ultimately however, Xedanis released her, for reasons known only to him and to Gypsy herself. Nevertheless, whatever trouble befalls her, he loves her still.

Model: Cheryl Cole

PERSEPHONE (Auntie Pers)


Enigmatic, soft-spoken and of few words, Persephone - "The Last Oracle" - was a being whose wisdom was as limitless as her sight. Despite having left her direct bloodline when he severed Jada, Xedanis referred (and still does) to her as "Auntie" or "Auntie Pers." Persephone came to be regarded as the Last Oracle, and sometimes found herself in hot water (usually directly involving Xed in one way or another.) She assisted him in re-sealing the demon blade Silvernus when its incumbent threatened to possess Moon Girl, and gave part of her very essence to Xedanis which now resides within Occularum, which never leaves Xedanis's side.

MODEL: Liama (Dirty Angels)



Xedanis' first partner, and a creature he preferred to call his "Rose", Violetta was taken completely by the shadows and by a mysterious being Xedanis never met. This unpredictable separation nearly drove him mad, and eventually led to his fulfillment of a mutual promise to sever. The story is a painful one for him that he rarely shares. Despite the bitterness and melancholy of their ending, Xedanis still recalls fondly the days spent with Violetta at his side, dancing a spirited waltz beneath the moonlight. Her death was particularly hard on him and spurned him into an age of darkness that he took a long time to recover from.

Dedicated to the memory of Violetta's Player, Caroline Hixon. R.I.P.

JADA (Mumsie)


The wild-mannered warmaiden that first brought Xedanis to the realm of Shakespeare’s “Inconstant Moon”. Jada turned Xedanis on a total whim, one crazed night during a fit of utter bloodlust. Xedanis – at the time drunk – guessed that the maddened slaying was a result of her “comfort feeding” over something. She almost killed him, strangling him six feet off the ground, but instead decided to turn him, for a reason she never really enlightened him to. It is thanks to her that the legend that is Xedanis Sykonra truly began, and despite their sour ending as Sire/Childe, he will never forget and never stop loving her.

MODEL: Meisha Kingdon


Once upon a time, Xedanis called Ace a good friend. In the city's taverns there were fewer things more infamous than their all-creaming pie fights. Ace even courted Xedanis as a prospective Sire. However during the Ferrymont War of 2013, their relationship soured; Ace broke into the Port Luna and stole the Dawn Rose. Inexperienced, the elder Vampire eventually ran the ship aground on the rocky islet that protected Jessi's private beach, immediately east of the port. The hole left in the ship's keel was deemed irreparable by the Port shipwrights. Xedanis has seemingly decided the same for his erstwhile friend... but nothing lasts forever in this world...

MODEL: Mathias Lauridsen


Rodargo was in many ways Xedanis's first mentor. At the time of their meeting (when Xedanis joined RoR) this daywalking hybrid made an immediate impact; despite Xedanis not usually gravitating toward alpha-male types, Rodargo ended up becoming one of Xedanis's closest friends and also a regular sparring partner. RoD taught Xedanis a lot about the applications of shadows and aided him in developing the Umbrakinesis (teleportation) technique that both have since used. RoD was also a confidant (and punching bag) for Xedanis after his severance from Jada. Though the two have not spoken for years (due to RoD's departure from the clan) Xedanis still considers him a friend and ally.

MODEL: Unknown


 The groups and individuals named below are particularly close to Xedanis, considered close friends and the like, or otherwise important to him in some vital way. They do not necessarily share a family tie with him, however.


Drusilla, like Evilstalker, first became Xedanis’s friend through Radio work. Like Evie after her, she eventually chose Malkavian over Xedanis as a sire (and like Evie, eventually severed). But this hasn’t stopped Xedanis from remaining close to her, again as though a father over a child. Drusilla's life has been turbulent of late, beginning with a mysterious, soul-rending disappearance and culminating with the sudden sire-binding to former adversary Virgo Shelly. Xedanis remains close to her still, waiting for the day that she would officially become his daughter.

Model: Serene (Suicide Girls)


An enigma, a man with no memory of his former self. This is how Xedanis first encountered Graywalker in 2009. Prior to that, Graywalker's lost identity was a Guardian, attempting to achieve some great destiny of balance between light and dark in the world. Xedanis took him in, granting him safe haven in a little used basement in the Port Luna. Graywalker remains a mystery to Xedanis, and until extremely recently there he remained, in silent contemplation of what he had lost. Graywalker inexplicably came out from his seclusion in the closing days of April 2015, determined to learn who he is now, regardless of who he had been before.

MODEL: Byron Mann

SILVAS (The Tyrant King)


Once the tyrant ruler of the legendary city continent of Atlantis, Silvas is a being whose nature and age defy definition. Immeasurably powerful and viciously cruel, this immortal paragon of evil was trapped within the soul-blade Silvernus, crafted by Corvun, last of the Atlantean priests. His body utterly destroyed, the old spirit now exists only as a disembodied essence trapped within his prison of steel. He acted as confident and teacher to Xedanis when the pirate discovered his tomb. Occasionally Xedanis has let Silvas slip loose from the leash, which almost always had direl consequences. Silvas has also been a savior to the pirate, being singularly responsible for the destruction of Umbra and her imprisonment within Occularum. 

MODEL: Christopher Lee

CORVUN (Last of the Atlantean Priesthood)

The Last Atlantean. Corvun was born in the utopian city of Atlantis, long before the invention of any standard calendar and before the Legendary city-continent was sunk beneath the waves. He was the driving force behind the creation of, and ultimately the use of Silvernus, the spirit sword that imprisoned Silvas for over three thousand years. 

Rare-spoken, tattoed with runes across his bald head and much of his forearms, Corvun is an artisan first, a scholar second, and a silent witness of the ages. He has become Xedanis's oldest (literally!) confidant and it was he that restored the Dawn Rose when Xedanis could not. 

Model: Sir Ben Kingsley



Xedanis has maintained the same Crew – both onboard ship and onshore – for almost as long as he has been alive. Sustained and rendered functionally immortal (as in forever-living if left to their own devices) by the waters of the Fountain of Youth and his blood, they are an unflinchingly loyal group, obedient and supportive of Xedanis against any and all odds. Ingesting small portions of his blood has left them with a measure of strength great enough to best any younger vampires attempting to break into the Port Luna’s vaults (of which there are many) and banding together, they have been known to bring down much larger and older intruders. It is they, and they alone, who are the custodians of the Port, and they will defend it and its environs until death.