Xedanis Sykonra

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You've reached the character profile of Xedanis Sykonra-Demarchis, a character in the popular online RPG, "Vampires: The Dark Alleyway" by Raven Black (aka "RBC" or "Ravenblack City").

The pages herein are to be considered OOC, that is, not general knowledge in an In-Character situation (for example, if meeting Xedanis for the first time, you wouldn't know his mortal father's name) unless I tell you otherwise.

My name is Adam, and I am the human behind Xedanis the Vampire. The model used to depict Xedanis's "Face" is Francesco Serafini (aka Uriel or Asdrall). I have used his image within one or two times, but without modification of any kind save to resize to fit, as with the picture shown here. The master banner at the top of the page also has some funky eye effects, but that's it.

This character profile, the game it serves, and all other material I have control over are not used or made for profit, and any copyright infringement is entirely unintentional. If you believe any infringement has occured, please contact me at [email protected] and I will see that concerned material is removed from this site.

Have fun getting to know Xedanis. I know I have. 

This website contains information only for the RavenBlack City version of Xedanis. I no longer play Path of the Vampire and therefore will not be making a website for that version of the character.

In The Shadows, Your Master Awaits
Adam Watson (Voice of Inspiration)

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